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2024 Track and Field TEAM FEE

Please make all team fee checks payable to HARTLAND ATHLETICS


Thank you to all that participated in last years SNAP RAISE FUNDRAISER.  It was a huge success and helped provided many pieces of updated equipment.

We were able to purchase:

  • Hurdles

  • Pole Vault Poles

  • Starting Blocks and Cart

  • Freelap Clips

  • Jump Mat = Vertical Jump Training

  • Batons, Spikes, Throwing Implements, Measuring Tapes


We are currently bidding out or working on purchasing a new Tent and Roll-out Runway

We will use the money from the TEAM Fee for essential equipment, uniforms, and stipends for Volunteer Coaches as well as essential equipment includes but is not limited to:


  • Yearly Equipment = Mini hurdles, Batons, Spikes, Throwing Implements, Measuring Tapes, etc..

  • Jump Bars, Standards, mat covers

  • New Shed for storage

  • Revamp of discuss and Shot area

  • Save for Outdoor Record Board

shot disc.jpg

The team fee my be submitted by Cash, Check or MiStar(Paypal).  Please make sure all team fees and have been taken care of by Monday April 15th.  Pay to participate will also be due by this date.

Nothing will be loaded into MiStar(Paypal) until March 21st at the earliest. All check can be made to Hartland Athletics.

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