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Hartland XC Update Week 4(8/28-9/3)

Dear Runners and Parents, Practice was tougher this last week due to the weather and getting re-acclimated to school. Athletes need to remember to eat healthy and drink lots of water. They also might need to eat more than usual with their higher volume of work with practice and school. Icing and rolling a couple days of week are great ways to stay healthy. I know there are days when kids need to leave a little early, but this can lead to injury if they are not cooling down and stretching properly. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ TEAM FEE In lieu of having a Fundraiser where students are selling items or hitting up family we ask for a team fee of $75. Many of you added that to your spirit wear order. If you didn't order anything please send a check or cash for $75 to help support the team. Checks can be made out to Hartland Athletics. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Schedule/Milford Invite Thursday we are racing in the Milford Invite. I must have entries submitted by 7:00pm Tuesday night. We get charged extra for any unused BIB. PLEASE fill out the Absence Form ASAP if you can't race. My goal is for everyone to race, but I know there are a couple injuries and other things that may prevent someone from racing. Everyone that can race will be able to. I just need to submit correct entries. Please click the link for all schedule information, including bus times, race times, and directions. HARTLAND XC SEASON SCHEDULE ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Weekly Schedule Monday August 28th = Practice 3:30pm-5:15pm West Lot, Athletes need to have water and a watch at every practice. LONG RUN Tuesday August 29th = Practice 3:30pm-5:00pm West Lot, Athletes need to have water and a watch at every practice. Wednesday August 30th = Practice 3:30pm-4:45pm West Lot, Athletes need to have water and a watch at every practice. Pasta Party Hosted by Cade and Thomas (Flier Directions) 5-8pm Freshman = Desserts Sophomore = Fruits/Vegetable Juniors = Drinks Seniors = Breadsticks Thursday September 31st = Milford Invite @ Kensington MetroPark - Race = Possum Hollow, Parking = Maple Beach (Directions)

  • There is lots of construction so check GPS for the best route and time

  • Bus from the front of the High School Bus Lot Tree 2:30, Bus will return after meet.

  • If riding with a parent please arrive at tent 1:15 minutes before race time and fill out the Absence Form

  • Must have a Metropark pass or $10 to enter Parking for the Event: The Kensington Metro Park Authorities have asked us to use Maple Beach (to the south of Possum Hollow) as the primary parking location. Teams will still be allowed “up the hill” but parking will be limited.1 hour before the first race, all traffic aside from Handicapped parking will be diverted from Possum Hollow.

  • Girls races = 4:30pm

  • Boys race = 5:30pm

  • Course Map

Friday September 1st = No Practice: Shake out run of cross train. Saturday September 2nd = ON OWN = Run 3-7 miles with some pickups thrown in Sunday September 3rd = OFF Monday September 4th = ON OWN = Must run 60 minutes Sunday or Monday and Send me your total distance. LONG RUN Tuesday September 5th = Practice 3:30pm-5:15pm West Lot, Athletes need to have water and a watch at every practice. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Logging Mileage All runners must fill out the mileage log during the season. A week is Sunday to Saturday. Add up all the miles you run in the week and enter that one number into the log. Mileage Log Mileage Totals Absences Remember all Practices are now mandatory. If you CANNOT attend you must fill out the Absence Form

Matt Gutteridge

Hartland Boys and Girls Cross Country HARTLAND XC SEASON SCHEDULE

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