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Schedule and Training

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Below is all the information for practices and meets.  I will do my best to keep the page update, but thing should always be double checked via email or the XC News Page.

Summer Cross Country Information

Summer Weekly Practice Schedule
Epley Park 8:00am Monday-Friday Beginning June 3rd 2024

The summer is where success starts in cross country.  Our goal will be to build a base while staying healthy that will allow us to peak in late October.  A Cross Country season  is long, with that in mind we need to be smart throughout the summer as we build our base and strength for the season.  Below is a description of the different types of runs we will do throughout the summer as well as the mileage that runners should be running to find success.  As always please ask me any questions you have.
We will have three mileage groups.  Low, medium, and high mileage.  Each group has a specific purpose for those that are a part of it.  A mileage group does not determine ability or status.  It provides specific needs for different runners. Please remember mileage group and pace groups(the speed you run) are two different groups.
Low mileage = Is for incoming runners with little experience or mileage under their belt.  This group is also good for runners that have recurring injuries or those who injure easily.  Freshman boys and girls fit well into the low mileage group along with many sophomore girls and some sophomore boys.  This group will start at 15-20 miles a week and move up to 20-25 miles by the end of the summer.  The most this group will do in a week is 25 miles.
Medium = This mileage group is where most runners will end up.  This group is great for upper classman girls and sophomore and junior boys.  Also, any incoming runner that has been running might want to work in this group.  This group will start at 20-25 miles a week and peak at around 35 miles a week.
High Mileage = This is for Junior and senior boys that have been runner for a number of year in the medium mileage group.  This group will start around 30-35 miles a week and peak around 50-55 miles a week.
Please click the link below for the summer mileage plan.

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