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Hartland XC Update Week 6(Mid week Update)

Dear runners and athletes,

We had a great day yesterday. There were many great efforts and we are showing improvement. Please see pictures and results below. Also, I want to thank Coach Kramer for the videos. One reminder. If you are a part of the team PLEASE fill out the Absence Form if you will not be on the bus for meets. We had a number of athletes not fill out the form for the last two meets. even if you told me please fill it out.

Hartland 23 Novi 32 Win

Hartland 25 Salem 30 Win

Hartland 18 Salem 37 Win

Boys Race Video = Novi Salem Dual Thursday September 14th = Practice 3:30pm-5:00pm West Lot, Athletes need to have water and a watch at every practice. Friday September 15th = Practice 1:30pm-3:15pm West Lot, Athletes need to have water and a watch at every practice. Saturday September 16th = Holly Invitational @ Springfield Oaks County Park(Directions)

  • Meet Info Sheet

  • Bus from the front of the High School 9:15am, Bus will return after the meet.

  • If riding with a parent please arrive 1:30 minutes before race time and fill out the Absence Form

  • $5 per person

  • Girls JV race = 11:20am

  • Boys JV race = 12:00pm

  • Girls Varsity race(7) = 12:40pm

  • Boys Varsity race(7) = 1:20pm

  • T shirts $20 Cash

  • Course Map


Sunday September 17th = Off or Shake out Run Monday September 18th = Practice 3:30pm-5:45pm West Lot, Athletes need to have water and a watch at every practice. Bratt/Wisnewski Pasta Party Flier (Directions) Freshman: Fruits/Veggies Sophomores: Drinks Juniors: Deserts Seniors: Breadsticks Tuesday September 19th = Plymouth/Northville Vs Hartland Dual @ HOME

  • Meet Info Sheet

  • You must Dress up

  • Must arrive 1 hour and 15 minutes before race.

  • Girls race(All) = 4:00pm

  • Boys race(All) = 4:45pm

Matt Gutteridge

Hartland Boys and Girls Cross Country HARTLAND XC SEASON SCHEDULE

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