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Hartland XC Week 9 Update = Corrected Race Times

Dear Runners and Parents,

Despite the heat we had some great performances yesterday. The kids are working hard and I am excited for the end of the season racing opportunities. Please see the updated/corrected race times for this weekend. Also, I have scheduled the banquet for Thursday November 9th in the High School Cafeteria please mark on your calendar.

Canton Dual Results

Thursday October 5th = Practice 3:30pm-5:00pm West Lot, Athletes need to have water and a watch at every practice.

Friday October 6th = Practice 1:30pm-3:15pm West Lot, Athletes need to have water and a watch at every practice.

Saturday October 7th = Greater Flint CC Championship

EA Cummings Center (Directions).

I would appreciate it if all Varsity girls(Top 9 from Tuesday Meet) would ride the bus so we can warm up together.

  • Meet Info

  • Bus 6:45AM

  • $5 per Car (No Dogs Allowed)

  • Girls Varsity = 9:00am (Top 9 from Tuesday)

  • Boys Varsity = 9:30am (Top 9 from Tuesday)

  • Girls JV = 10:00am

  • Boys JV = 10:40am

  • EA Cummings Course Map

  • EA Cummings Course Video

Sunday October 8th = Off or Shake out Run

Monday October 9th = Practice 3:30pm-4:45pm West Lot, Athletes need to have water and a watch at every practice. Pasta at Trevor's(Thanks to Bratt's and Wisniewski's for picking up an open date! (Directions)

Seniors— Breadsticks Juniors—Drinks (Water provided) Juice, Milk, Chocolate Milk, Gatorade Sophomores—Sides ( Salad, Fruit, Veggies ) Freshman—Desserts (cookies, mini cupcakes, donut holes, brownies, rice crispy treats)

Tuesday October 10th = Howell/Hartland Vs Brighton Dual(Directions)

  • Meet Info Sheet

  • You must Dress up

  • Bus Leaves at 2:30

  • Girls race(All) = 4:15pm

  • Boys race(All) = 4:45pm

  • Course Map


Logging Mileage All runners must fill out the mileage log during the season. A week is Sunday to Saturday. Add up all the miles you run in the week and enter that one number into the log. Mileage Log Mileage Totals

Absences Remember all Practices are now mandatory. If you CANNOT attend you must fill out the Absence Form

Matt Gutteridge

Hartland Boys and Girls Cross Country HARTLAND XC SEASON SCHEDULE

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