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Week 4 Update =Follow up(Pay to Participate/Race time change)

Dear Parents,

Sorry for another email but a couple things came up today.

1. Pay to Participate should now be loaded into Parent Connect. Please pay this by Thursday September 7th. I have been instructed to hold athletes from competition if the fee is not paid. You may pay by Check ($175) to Hartland Athletics to avoid fees. If you have questions please contact Liz Streight in the athletic department. 810-626-2300. If you need help with the fees you may apply for a Scholarship.

2. Race schedule update for Thursday = Boys Races start at 5:15pm

Thursday September 31st = Milford Invite @ Kensington MetroPark - Race = Possum Hollow, Parking = Maple Beach (Directions)

  • Meet Info Sheet

  • There is lots of construction so check GPS for the best route and time

  • Bus from the front of the High School Bus Lot Tree 2:30, Bus will return after meet.

  • If riding with a parent please arrive at tent 1:15 minutes before race time and fill out the Absence Form

  • Must have a Metropark pass or $10 to enter Parking for the Event: The Kensington Metro Park Authorities have asked us to use Maple Beach (to the south of Possum Hollow) as the primary parking location. Teams will still be allowed “up the hill” but parking will be limited.1 hour before the first race, all traffic aside from Handicapped parking will be diverted from Possum Hollow.

  • Girls races = 4:30pm

  • Boys race = 5:15pm

  • Course Map

Matt Gutteridge

Hartland Boys and Girls Cross Country HARTLAND XC SEASON SCHEDULE

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